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Cataclysm Raids (Tier 11 to 13)

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Cataclysm Raids (Tier 11 to 13) Empty Cataclysm Raids (Tier 11 to 13)

Post  Ofelio on Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:28 pm

Links of all Cataclysm raid encounters to follow. Including a brief on all that you need to know for Dragon Soul 10 normal.

Video Link here!

  • Tank boss facing away from raid
  • Raid stacked behind in closest range
  • 2 tanks taunt off each other after 3 stacks
  • 3 dps/healer stack on crystal when spawns
  • Earthen Vortex pulls raid to boss
  • Run behind pillar until finished
  • Reset and repeat

range from crystal indicated by beam colour
(red > yellow > blue)
Apply dots before Earten Vortex
Ranged dps boss from behind pillar
Assign 1 tank to repull and healer beware
Timewarp after full reset when boss <30%


Warlord Zon'ozz
Video Link here!

  • 1 healer to dispel. knockback inevitable
  • Split raid melee (2) + healer (at boss) / ranged at 20-30yrds
  • tank boss facing ranged melee+healer behind
  • turn boss during void sphere summon
  • tank position boss to avoid sphere
  • melee+healer in close line to bounce sphere
  • ranged in close line to return sphere
  • boss to intercept sphere when intolerable 5-5-5
  • stack on boss
  • aoe heal race
  • Reset all and repeat

Assign aoe healer to both groups.
Middle marker for boss (infront of boss so tank can taunt) + Mark for ranged + Mark on a ranged player
Count each void sphere buff...DPS move away after 3/5 + tank aware of void return
During stack phase, stack on marked ranged player and tank reset boss position to face mark for ranged


Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
Video Link here!

Purple = Healing Explosion (NO HEALING AOE)
Green = Spread for damage
Yellow = Attack Speed de/buffs
Blue = Mana Void (dps it down)
Black = Adds on all. Stack and aoe
Red = Stack for damage


Hagara, the Stormbinder
Video Link here!

Main Phase 50 secs >> Lightening phase or Ice phase >> Main Phase 50 secs >> Ice phase or Lightening Phase etc
Alternating second phase. Starts according to bosses weapon enchant.

Main Phase:

  • Tank boss tacing away from melee
  • Move away from boss on Focused Assault
  • Ranged spread 3 Yrds
  • 2 x Ice Lance PER PHASE on random player. Ranged or Melee in line of fire to take damage
  • 2 x Ice Tomb TOGETHER cast on marked players. DPS them down.

Ice Phase

  • Raid run together to edge (marker)
  • DPS Binding Crystal
  • Do not run off too early
  • Avoid ground effects!!

Lightening Phase
  • Tank Elemental to Crystal Conductor and DPS down
  • Conduct lightening through raid to other 3 crystals
  • 300 seconds max

Marker at edge and near centre. Players with Ice Tomb inc stack on marker near centre.
Top up players with Ice Tomb to allow max time to DPS down.
Timewarp after first Ice Phase or Lightening Phase has concluded (Boss debuff +100% damage taken).


> Ultraxion

DPS requirement = 175 cumulative dps

  • Stake and nuke
  • Healing crystals
  • Tanking crystal
  • Hour of Twilight
  • Fading Light
  • Heroic Will removes you from Twilight Realm.

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