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Dragon Soul Raid Rules!

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Dragon Soul Raid Rules! Empty Dragon Soul Raid Rules!

Post  Ofelio on Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:00 pm

Dragon Soul Raid Rules! Deathwing_fso5pq9f ` No, this is not a thread about how awesome the new raid instance is despite the title. I felt that since we now have a great amount of interest in raiding the Dragon Soul, it is only appropriate that I lay out some 'official' rules for raiding in writing for all to see. It is important that you read this prior to raiding to ensure we maintain our fair play policies.

The Dragon Soul is the most demanding normal mode instance in the game and this is reflected in every encounter within the raid. Since only a few months have passed since the release of 4.3, we have only seen one 5% nerf to date. This will however continue, at a rate of 5% every month until further notice. (Source; and further information)All of this means we have to be fairly strict on adhering to the rules laid out below to ensure we make the fastest, fairest progress.
  • Gearing up

    Before you consider signing up in the calendar, please check your gear score. This is achieved by downloading the PlayerScore addon and inspecting in game. We require a minimum GearScore of 10k with full end game gems and enchants.

  • Signing up

    It is of the utmost importance that you sign up using the calendar in-game to be considered for an invite to the raid. There are only 10 spots and at this time we will require: 1-2 Tanks; 2-3 Healers; and 5-7 DPS (depending on the encounter and the raid experience). Please only sign if you are certain you can attend the raid, otherwise chose tentative or decline as appropriate.

    Dragon Soul Raid Rules! Decembercalendarchangesrlt

    Once more than 10 have signed up, I will confirm 9-10 raiders based on what is required and place others on standby. Raiders on 'Standby' are likely to get a chance to join the raid group if a confirmed member does not attend. Additionally, we replace on average 1 player per hour during the raid, so STAY ONLINE if you want a chance to raid.

    During 'progress' (that is to say, until Deathwing is down), I will endeavour to maintain a consistent raid group to ensure efficient progression. Therefore, I will confirm members based initially on their experience within our guild raid group (providing they meet all the relevant prerequisites). However, once we have our first Deathwing kill or you have proved a worthy Dragon Soul raider, all players will be chosen basically on how early they sign and their role in the raid (tank, dps or healer). So get in game and sign up now!

    Replacements during the raid.

    If someone retires from the raid for one reason or another, I will immediately /whisper those people on 'standby' who fit the criteria for the vacant slot. Failing an accept or no reply in 2 minutes will result in a guild message advertising the role. Priority will go to whoever replies first, providing the minimum gear score is met.

    Dragon Soul Raid Rules! 307SBU3NFKO71323135700447

  • Prior to raiding

    It is important that we come prepared to a Dragon Soul raid. I have compiled a concise list of the things which you should have done before you are ready to go!

    1. Have an appreciation for the mechanics of the fight. Ideally you will have completed Raid Finder mode many times and watched a few normal and heroic strategy guides on the internet. Alliance Finest's guide with strategy video links

    2. It is essential that you have setup Ventrilo in order to be able to listen to raid strategies and generally contribute to the social atmosphere. It is not necessary for you to have a microphone although it is preferred.

    3. All the usual instance checks before you raid, including a full repair and inventory check. I am also going to use this as an opportunity to advertise fishing for Lavascale Catfish, Highland Guppies and Fathom Eels, so we can ease the burden on the few that are currently farming. (Further details on guild bank farming)

    4. Only other thing to mention, is to please be on time. I can accept a minute or two of course, but I will start extending invites beyond those confirmed up to 10 minutes after the set raid time.

  • Loot
    We raid with Master Looter on, unless I've been a nooby Raid Leader! Your trust will be tested from time to time though, if I have left it on need/greed rolls. Boss loot will go to main spec over off spec, and the rare boe which are not needed are placed in the guild bank. Unneeded bops are disenchanted to the guild bank.

    Recipes will be rolled on by crafters with the main or off-spec suited to the gear. Essence of Destruction (boss loot required to make the crafting gear) will be rolled on by any crafter with a dragon soul recipe already learned, otherwise it will be stored in the guild bank.
    Dragon Soul Raid Rules! Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQxtQ8g5CJS1IwVCCghl4TruhGwBinRomDNGGAbdOLhgwBMSONe

  • Etiquette

    We are not a hardcore guild, so you will not get kicked for requesting an early exit from the raid group. Please try to let me know as early as you can if you know you have to leave, as this makes things a lot easier when trying to find a replacement. Leaving the raid without any prior notice is extremely bad form and will not be looked upon kindly.

    Never go AFK without saying so in /raid first. I do not mind disconnects, or requested AFK's, but persistence of either will result in a kick from the raid to allow someone else the chance. This will not harm your chance to raid in the future.

    Ventrilo is for talking, so please don't be shy and speak up if you have something to add. I personally like a social atmosphere in the raid although from time to time we will have to focus to ensure some progression. A focused effort will generally be an hour of no AFKs of any nature with quick release and resurrects to maximise raid up-time.

    We raid generally for 3-4 hours with one break in the middle. The exact timing is dependent on many things, including status on boss attempts and/or trash respawns. Please feel free to request a break, however you must appreciate that being a democratic guild, we will ride with the general consensus.

Thanks for all for taking the time to read this. Let me know if you have any questions by posting below and I will try to answer them by updating the main thread.

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Dragon Soul Raid Rules! Empty Confirmation mails

Post  Ofelio on Fri Feb 17, 2012 5:55 am

Please send me a mail in game to show you have read and understood the rules. Let me know if you have questions or things you think I should add/remove.

Number of posts : 33
Age : 33
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